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I'm Still Here, and it's Better Than Ever!

02/08/2016 - 1:21 a.m.

Oi. I keep forgetting to update this thing...bad Shiloh, bad...

But wow...15 years on D-Land. That's something else. It's interesting to see that my life (or at least one version of it at anyrate)exists in these entries.

It definitely makes working on the book a bit easier. Sort of.

Speaking of books, you should go find my latest one on Amazon.com, 'Under Your Skin'. Kindle Unlimited subscribers of course get to read for free.

The Erma Bombeck competition closes next Monday (it's held every 2 years), so I need to get to work on that. I have a basic outline of what my column looks like, just needs a wee bit of refining. The winner gets 500 dollars and free admission to the writer's workshop in April/May. I'd love to go, but without winning, I just can't afford it! Same thing with the Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop at Hollins University. Even if I could get a scholarship, I'd still have to come up with another 500 dollars, not to mention, finding someone to watch the kidlet for a week.

In other news, I'm working on a new book of poetry called 'Elegies for the Years of the Insane', to be a companion piece to the memoir of 'Heartless Bipolar Bitch-A Tale of Misdiagnosis'. Both will be out sometime this Fall and Winter.

Yay me.

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